Best Apartment in Cameron Highlands

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The Crown Imperial Court Apartment is one of the recent additions to the many accommodation options here in Cameron Highlands. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure, choosing a peaceful and comfortable place to stay will make a difference in your experience. The Crown Imperial Court Apartment is located in Brinchang where it is one of the most convenient and safe place to stay among visitors here.

Crown Imperial Court Apartment

In Brinchang town, the Crown Imperial Court can be easily spotted as it is the tallest apartment building here. Staying here means that you are within reach of the best services you can find in Brinchang. From the apartment’s balcony, you can enjoy one of the best views of the surroundings of Brinchang.

Here is where you will see the landscape of the city and all the activities that happen throughout the day. From here, you can see the Pasar Malam which comes out on weekend nights which can be quite a remarkable sight.

The Crown Imperial Court benefits from its location which is at the centre of Brinchang. Staying here means that most of what you need is within walking distance. All you need to do is to go downstairs and the banks, police station, eateries and convenience stores are all around you.

Besides that, you are staying right next to the infamous Brinchang Pasar Malam or night market. Since you are at the Crown Imperial Court, you can just get to the Pasar Malam by foot and be welcomed by the aroma of the local snacks and the fragrance of the fresh flowers. If you are one who likes the local produce, you can find fresh honey from the farms, the best tea leaves, fresh flowers, strawberry jam and many others. You can find other items like clothes, souvenirs and great local delicacies here too.

Pasar Malam in Cameron Highlands

At Brinchang town, you will surely hear about the very popular Pasar Malam which comes on every weekend. On Fridays and Saturdays, you will hear the clanking of stalls and equipment as early as 3.00pm which goes on until about 9.30pm. Besides that, the pasar malam comes around during peak seasons like the eve of public holidays, school holidays and other festivals.

At the Pasar Malam, you will find a lot of different exciting items. This is where you will find Chinese food stalls that sells snacks while there are Halal food available from the Malay stalls as well. As one of the most popular tourist attractions here, you will find that the peak hours around 8.00pm will be quite crowded. However, there are ample parking spaces located not far from the spot.

Located beside Brinchang Square, you can easily see the market coming up which is just opposite the Brinchang Police Station. The Apom Balik stall is among the most popular ones here while you can find a lot of stalls selling fresh produce like vegetables and flowers. If you are looking for affordable souvenirs and crafts, the pasar malam would be your best place to start as well.

Contact Information
Name: Crown Imperial Court
Address: A110 Crown Imperial Court Brinchang, Cameron Highlands 39100 Pahang
Phone: 05-4914299

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