Guide to visa requirements when entering Malaysia

As one of the top travel destinations in the world, Malaysia hosts millions of visitors each year. Initiatives like Visit Malaysia Year and Year of Festivals have put Malaysian in the world map in many ways that has brought about the attractions, food and culture of the country to the global community.

Coming to Malaysia is very easy and accessible for tourists from other country. You will require basic documentation when entering the country for your visit here and below are some pointers.

Most foreigners coming to Malaysia do not need to apply for a visa beforehand as you will issued a visa-on-arrival. Depending on which country you come from, the duration of your visit varies between 14, 30 and 90 days.

90 days– Most commonwealth countries can enter Malaysia without a visa and be issued a 90-day entry. This includes Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UAE, the United States and the United Kingdom.

30 days– If you are coming in from countries like Cambodia, Chile, Ecuador, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, the Philippines, Russia and Thailand, you do not need a visa and will be issued 30 days entry to the country.

14 days – Those coming in from Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Libya and Somalia can come through for 14 days without a visa beforehand.

Visa Required – You will need to apply for a visa before entering Malaysia if you are from the Republic of Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia. If you are from Israel, the Ministry of Home Affairs will need to grant permission for your entry.

Passport – Your passport is the single most important document you must have to enter Malaysia. Ensure that it is valid for at least 6 months after the date of your arrival. A return ticket or one out of the country would be required. If you are planning to visit the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak via Peninsular Malaysia, your passport will be required upon entering the 2 states.

Transit – If you are stopping over in Malaysia as a transit point to another destination in which you will not be leaving the airport, no visa will be required.

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