Holiday.My is a Malaysian based avenue which provides all the information to tourists and travelers to the country. Here, you will be able to find all you need to know about what to look out for when coming to Malaysia. Cuti Cuti Malaysia provides a concise and comprehensive guide to everything about travelling from attractions, transportation, accommodation, practices, culture and food, one of Malaysia’s trademarks.

We help you to plan your trip so that it would be as smooth as possible. is the most ideal place to start if you like to plan your trip here whether on business or leisure. This is where you will be able to obtain standard and customized trips and programmes to suit your travelling needs. At Cuti Cuti Malaysia we are committed to bring you the best and most convenient method for your trip to Malaysia and hence we have provided everything you need to know when coming here.

We offer background information and profiles of all the possible attractions and landmarks in around Malaysia. We have classified them according to their locations and categories so that it is easy for you to find the place you will be visiting and then take note of where to go and what to see. On top of that, the common and most popular places of interests are also available for your reference so that you will not miss out on anything important.

Cuti Cuti Events and happenings

At Cuti Cuti Malaysia, we have a complete calendar of events and happenings around the country. Classified in within states and communities, you will be able to find out more about what is going on around the places. This could be in terms of tourist shows, cultural performances, art exhibitions and others which will offer you an unforgettable travelling experience. This is highly an essential benefit to you as it will help you to determine if a specific place is worth visiting. By knowing what is going to happen at the location, you will be able to enjoy the best that place can offer.

Hotel reservation in Malaysia

Apart from information about destinations and attractions, Cuti Cuti Malaysia also provide you with all the facilities and services to help you organize your trip. We have in our site a list of accommodation choices that you can choose from. This would be classified from the up-market hotels and resorts to the more affordable choices that include Malaysian homestays, budget inns and others. You will be able to read about what are the services that these places offer and decide if you want to spend your holiday there.

We also offer a hotel reservation system which provides you with the booking facilities for rooms. Our rates are one of the lowest in the industry was we are a localized company with close affiliations with the local hotel operators.

Food guide

As Malaysia is very much renowned for its food, provides one of the most complete resources and guide when it comes to our food. Find out all you need to know about Malaysian food ranging from the different types of cuisines, the origins, how they are cooked and where you can find them. Our members are always encouraged to blog and review the food they have tried and this has become one of our most valuable offering. You will now be able to read and find out the type of food you can discover when coming to a specific state like the Satay in Kajang, the Laksa from Sarawak, the Kueh from Johor and many more.

Malaysia Transport guide

We also provide a transport guide to help you get around. From the moment you touch down on Malaysian soil, you will be greeted with many types of transportation services. Our taxis, bus services, train services and such are of the best standards while Malaysia is also known for its well-planned expressways. Whether you choose to engage the local transport system or to self-drive, we have provided here all the resources that you will need. This would include the likes of the transportation companies, the maps that the buses travel on, the schedules of public transportation as well as their fares. On top of that, we also provide a directory of car rental companies which you can find if you prefer to self-drive. This also includes the rates of the rental, the terms and conditions and any other related information which would be needed.

Membership privileges in Holiday.My

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You will also be able to receive first hand information pertaining to events, new developments, food reviews and any other related information. As we work very closely with our partners, we will also channel any new promotions and offers to you and this could be in the form of hotel stay vouchers, food discounts, shopping vouchers and many more.